What characteristics to look for when choosing a portable charger for iPhone 11 pro max?

What characteristics to look for when choosing a portable charger for iPhone 11 pro max?

For those who are not in the subject, I need to say a few words about what constitutes an external battery for the iPhone. Modern models are lithium ion batteries, consisting of several battery cells (cans) and a controller (printed circuit board) that controls them. Plus there are ports, wires and various fasteners. All this is placed in a housing that can be made of various materials. Naturally, on sale you can find a variety of designs, body shapes, colors, and the like.

An external portable power bank for iPhone 11 pro max may have one or more USB interfaces, and some are additionally equipped with a power adapter for connecting to a household power supply. General advice when choosing, you can give the following. You shouldn’t buy a device at a price significantly below average. In this case, manufacturers greatly save on raw materials and assembly quality. Such devices have an extremely limited lifespan.

Now, let’s take a look at the main selection criteria.

Capacity of portable battery charger for iPhone 11 pro max

Capacity is one of the most important considerations when choosing an external battery for an iPhone. The larger the capacity, the more battery life the power bank contains. The capacity is measured in mAh. If you do not go into technical details, then simply choose the battery capacity for charging the iPhone about twice as large as the battery capacity of the smartphone.

For example, the iPhone 11 pro max has a 3470 mAh battery. Therefore, an external battery should be chosen with a capacity of 6000-7000 mAh. In this case, you will have with you the capacity necessary to fully charge the smartphone’s battery.

In most cases, iPhone owners choose portable batteries with a capacity of up to 10,000 mAh. It makes sense to spend on more capacious models only in those cases when you will be charging from the Power Bank not only the iPhone, but also a tablet, player, smart watch and the like to choose from.

You may have a question, and can you take a model according to the principle, the more capacity, the better? Here you need to understand that with an increase in capacity, the dimensions of the device and its weight grow. And a device designed to charge a laptop battery or even start a car engine (and there are such models) will not fit in your jacket pocket or in your handbag.

Charge current of portable power bank for iPhone 11 pro max

The amount of charging current affects the duration of the process of charging the iPhone battery from the power bank. The standard for charging smartphones is 1 amp. To charge the tablet, it is desirable to have a port with a current of 1.5-2 A. A value of 3-4 A is used to charge a laptop from an external battery. External battery manufacturers often indicate the charging current on the case next to the port.

Here, too, you cannot choose according to the principle, the more the better. You need to focus on the specifications of the iPhone manufacturer. For example, the iPhone comes with a 1 amp charger. Accordingly, the port of the portable battery charger for iPhone 11 pro max, to which you connect the smartphone, must deliver a current of no more than this value. However, if it is significantly less than 1 A, then charging will take quite a long time. For example, if you connect a smartphone to the USB port of a PC or laptop, then it will not gain capacity even overnight. This is explained by the fact that the ports there have a power bus with a charging current of no more than 0.5 A.

Interfaces of portable charger for iPhone 11 pro max

Interfaces of portable charger for iPhone 11 pro max

For a modern power bank, the presence of two USB ports of type A and one type of C is considered the norm. An additional micro USB port may also come in handy. This is due to the widespread use of cables with this connector.

In cases where the external battery has a large capacity, an output for connecting an adapter is provided. Through it, the power bank is charged from the electrical network. This is explained by the fact that such devices take a very long time to charge through the USB port. However, external battery models for iPhone rarely have such a feature.

Dimensions and weight of portable battery charger for iPhone 11 pro max

These parameters are determined by the characteristics that were discussed above. The larger the capacity of the device and the more interfaces it will implement, the larger and heavier it will be. That is why it is important to choose the optimal ratio of these characteristics. You can only add about the material of the case. Models of plastic are lighter, but they are inferior in strength to metal ones. In addition, an external battery in a metal case looks much more aesthetically pleasing. Power banks in an aluminum case are especially suitable for the iPhone.

Special features of the best portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 pro max

A number of external battery models are equipped with wireless charging capabilities. This means that you can simply place your smartphone on the charging dock and it will start charging.

This is not to say that this feature is super useful. Rather, it is an opportunity to use modern technology and get additional comfort. Indeed, you can save a few seconds if you just put your smartphone on the charger instead of fiddling with wires. It’s modern, it’s comfortable, it’s just convenient.

Thus, we can state that the best model will not be any specific model (if we name one specific model, you will probably suspect us of advertising), the one that can optimally satisfy your needs:

– it will be quite capacious and at the same time not too heavy;

– it will charge quickly enough, but it will not be too expensive;

– it will be light enough, but at the same time it will not lose in the strength of the case;

– will have a sufficient number of ports;

– will provide a sufficient level of comfort during use.

What characteristics to look for when choosing a portable charger for iPhone 11 pro max?
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