Mini review of portable charger for iPhone 11 pro


If you’re wondering what is the best portable charger for iPhone 11 pro, you’ve come to the right place. For you, we have compiled a small rating of the best batteries. We hope you find it useful.

1 – 3 places of the best portable charger for iPhone 11 pro

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10000 – top 1 according to experts and users

The second generation of Xiaomi power banks is equipped with batteries with increased operating voltage, so the company’s external batteries are able to store and release more energy. By the way, the packaging of the device now honestly states: 10000 mAh (3.85 V) and 6900 mAh (5.1 V).

If we also take into account the efficiency of the converter, it becomes clear – powerful portable devices of the ten-thousandth Xiaomi is able to fully charge only once, and the average smartphone is 2-3. In other words, we are dealing with a typical urban model that supports Quick Charge technology, and also has a special mode for servicing gadgets with low charging currents (headsets, fitness bracelets, etc.).

The latter is activated by double pressing the control key and lasts for 2 hours. Perhaps the best external battery for a smartphone, and the only complaint that can be made with Power Bank 2 is its very easily soiled case.

Main pluses:  Minuses
• support for fast charging technology; • special mode for charging low-current equipment.  • easily soiled case.  

ZMI QB810 – top 2 of best small portable charger for iPhone 11 pro

Many of us are familiar with the products of this company, insofar as it is ZMI that produces external batteries sold under the Xiaomi brand. Actually, the recommended power bank is the “twin” of the popular 10,000th version of the Mi Power Bank 2 in terms of filling, but is hidden in a plastic case and boasts slightly more attractive operational capabilities.

For example, the QB810 model is additionally equipped with a USB Type-C connector (works only on the input), has an indication of the Quick Charge mode (two-way), the latter can be turned off when charging especially capricious devices. Some of the chips for these batteries are the same (automatic start when the load is connected, support for low-current gadgets), but there is also a specific difference.

Power Bank from ZMI prefers to work with QC and does not really like to “feed” the voltage of 5 V. In addition, the pass-through charging mode of the QB810 is not implemented in the best way.

Main pluses:  Minuses
• input connectors of different types; • support for fast charging in both directions; • the ability to disable the QC mode; • knows how to charge low-current gadgets.  • is rather slow to charge with 5-volt adapters; • end-to-end mode with noticeable voltage drops.    

Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank Fast Charge 20000 – closes the top three

As is the case with smartphones, Xiaomi decided to promote inexpensive and slightly simplified external batteries under the Redmi brand. Moreover, the mentioned slight simplification applies only to the older model of the new line, which “only” received less double-sided Type-C and support for the Power Delivery protocol. But the younger one is generally devoid of fast charging modes.

In addition, the pass-through mode is not fully implemented in Redmi Power Bank. Judging by the materials on the network, the charging of consumers in it is carried out with a noticeable limitation of the output current and at a reduced voltage, which certainly will not please every connected device. In general, we can attribute only a very favorable combination of solid capacity and modest cost to the obvious advantages of this super popular external battery.

Main pluses:  Minuses
• quickly enough charges itself; • tempting price tag.• one-way Type-C port; • suspicious end-to-end mode.  

4 – 5 places of the best small portable charger for iPhone 11 pro


Xiaomi Mi – portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 pro

Our rating of the best external batteries for smartphones is continued by a very decent Power Bank with a module for wireless charging, whose reputation was slightly tarnished by unscrupulous sellers. There are enough reviews on the network about replacing the external battery PLM11ZM (recommended model) with its highly simplified “relative” WPB15ZM.

The second type-C port is not double-sided, and therefore does not support Power Delivery technology either. In addition, it does significantly worse with other fast charging protocols, and the case is completely made of plastic. By the way, Xiaomi does not say anything about the certification by Apple of the Qi controller used. Most likely, fast wireless charging will not work with iPhones (only Wireless 5B & 1A).

Pleasant features of the external battery PLM11ZM can be considered the ability to charge low-current consumers and the pass-through mode with a constantly working Qi module.

Main pluses:  Minuses
• through charging is possible; • charging mode for low-current gadgets; • a solid list of supported fast charging protocols.• the wireless charging module is not certified by Apple; • increased dimensions and weight.  

INTERSTEP 10DQi – the last in our rating of the best portable charger for iPhone 11 pro

This external battery will not only free you from the hasty search for an electrical outlet to revive a dead smartphone, but also greatly simplify the process of charging the latter. Of course, if he supports Qi technology. It was the convenience factor that became the determining factor for us when choosing the INTERSTEP 10DQi model as the best wireless Power Bank, despite the clearly inflated price tag.

 The competitors simply do not have such a cool feature as a docking station, which turns an external battery into an elegant stand, and at the same time blocks the “regular” ports to exclude the possibility of overloading. Those. in the normal state, the pass-through mode with several consumers is not provided and this is very reasonable, insofar as 18 W of input power is not enough for everyone. All proprietary fast charging technology variations and low current are supported.

Main pluses:  Minuses
• can be used for wireless charging with a power of 10 and 7.5 W; • supports all types of fast charging; • convenient and functional docking station.  • Not all smartphones will charge wirelessly while on the cradle; • high price for such a package (no power adapter, no cable with MFi).  

Of course, our rating is our subjective opinion and you can argue with it. Nevertheless, our goal is to help orient the inexperienced buyer in the choice of devices from a great variety of different models.

Mini review of portable charger for iPhone 11 pro
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