Portable charger for iPhone 11

Portable charger for iPhone 11

Do you like to go out into nature or just often spend time away from fixed outlets? For your iPhone 11, this is clearly a problem, because if you actively use applications, its charge is hardly enough for a day, let alone several days.

Once upon a time, at the dawn of the emergence of smartphones, the battery charge was quite enough for several days. Today we can only remember this. Every year new models become more powerful, and accordingly consume more and more energy. But it seems that the batteries are practically not developing and got stuck somewhere in the early 2000s.

Engineers still fail to effectively address the capacity-to-size ratio. The more capacious the battery becomes, the more it begins to weigh. But who wants to use an iPhone if it starts to weigh a kilogram?

The only relatively acceptable way out of this situation is to purchase an external battery in order to be able to recharge your smartphone. But again, the more capacious the external battery is, the more it weighs.

In previous reviews, we looked at 10,000 and 20,000 mAh batteries. In this review, we will look at 3 models with increased capacity. Yes, you can’t put them in your jeans pocket, but they will be able to charge your smartphone for several days, which is extremely useful when going out into the countryside with tents. Keep in mind that the following gadgets are not wireless portable charger for iPhone 11.

Our Top 3 of thebest portable charger for iPhone 11 with capacity 30,000 mAh and above

Baseus 30,000 mAh – our top 1 of the best portable battery charger for iPhone 11

A very good ratio of price and capacity, 30,000 mAh (nominally 18,000 mAh) will allow you to recharge gadgets on long trips or out of town, while the power bank is made in a minimalist design and does not differ in high cost.

There are two USB ports on the output, implying the possibility of fast charging, as well as compatibility with laptops through the USB Power Delievery standard and a USB Type-C port, which works both in and out. The power bank itself can be charged via USB Type-C, Micro USB and Lightning ports, which is especially convenient for owners of Apple mobile devices.

Romoss 30,000mAh – the second best portable charger for iPhone 11

An external battery with a capacity of 26,500 mAh according to the data sheet with an energy conversion factor of about 85%. Thus, the user can make more than 8 charge cycles of the iPhone 8 or 4.5 times fully charge the Nintendo Switch. The device itself replenishes energy through the Mciro USB, Lightning or USB Type-C ports, the latter allowing you to dial the maximum capacity from scratch in 11 hours. There are two USB ports on the output, one of which supports popular fast charging standards.

Taking into account the characteristics, the external battery has quite solid dimensions – 171 × 82 × 33 mm with a weight of 640 grams, is dressed in a white polycarbonate case and has an LED display for indicating the charge level.

Maxoak K2 50,000 mAh – extremely capacious portable charger for iPhone 11

Portable charger for iPhone 11

A practically portable 50,000 mAh power station that will come in handy on a long trip or camping trip. A battery of such power can simultaneously charge a laptop (output 20 V / 5 A), a digital camera (output 12 V / 5 A) and 4 mobile devices (2 ports 2.1 A and 2 ports 1 A), the set comes with 14 connectors for the most popular laptop models. By the way, the Maxoak K2 has a built-in flashlight, which will definitely do a good job when camping or at a picnic.

There is a control system that prevents overheating and recharging of gadgets, a durable aluminum case protects against mechanical damage. The seller also grants the right to a free warranty service for two years.

How to choose the best portable battery charger for iPhone 11

In our opinion, when you choose a high-capacity external battery for your iPhone, you should first of all decide how you will wear it. If you go to nature with it, no problem: you put it in your bag and then just leave it in the tent. But what if you also want to carry it with you?

Keep in mind that it will hardly fit into a jeans or shorts pocket. You might think that it will fit well in a jacket pocket. This is true. But it can be hot to wear a jacket in the summer. All in all, you should definitely consider this question well. If you can’t figure out how you will carry a heavy battery with you, perhaps you should choose a less capacious, but more compote and lighter gadget.

We hope you found this quick overview helpful. By the way, we also recommend that you look at our other reviews concerning the portable wireless charger for iPhone 11. In principle, wireless charging technology is by no means new, nevertheless, not everyone knows about it. If you don’t like wires, you will probably like these gadgets.

Portable charger for iPhone 11
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