10 best iPhone portable charger

Nowhere is nowhere without a smartphone: it is a means of communication, access to the Internet, and an electronic wallet in your pocket. Apple is considered the best manufacturer in this area and will be considered for a long time, but even they still have room to move. After all, there is a problem common to smartphones of all companies that Apple has not solved. It’s about draining the battery too quickly.

For almost ten years, since the release of the very first iPhone, Apple users have been waiting for the release of a device that can, with active use, live at least three days without recharging.

You can, of course, forget about access to the Internet and applications, use the smartphone exclusively for calls, in which case the battery of the device will last quite a long time, but why then purchase such an expensive multifunctional smartphone?

Fortunately, a solution was found with the advent of portable batteries or, as they are called in the original, Power Bank. These “banks” come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with and without additional features, but they are all created with one goal in mind – to serve your mobile device. Now, in a situation when you urgently need a connection, and your smartphone treacherously sat down and there are no outlets nearby, a portable charger for iPhone 5 will come to the rescue.

How to choose the best model if there are a lot of them on the market now? To do this, consider the best options.

So, here’s a list of the best portable chargers that are perfect for your iPhone.

What is the best iPhone portable charger?

iPhone portable charger battery IconBit FTB26000M

iPhone portable charger battery IconBit FTB26000M

The battery is large enough in size, enclosed in an aluminum case. It has a truly excellent capacity of 26,000 mAh, and besides, it has a large number of different adapters that allow you to connect a variety of devices in it.

A special switch is located on a light metal case. With its help, you can set the required power mode for a specific device. There is also a USB port and a universal connector that can be used simultaneously. The battery has a lifespan of a whopping 1000 cycles, which makes it really long lasting.

Unfortunately, there is no MagSafe among the adapters. The reason for this is Apple’s ban. However, the Chinese spit on the bans, so if you need to recharge your MacBook, you can always buy it separately on eBay.

Of course, you can’t put such a thing in your pocket. However, it will be an excellent choice for those who prefer to spend a long time in nature. The charge is enough to calmly move away from civilization for several days.

iPhone portable battery charger Lenmar ChugPlug

External battery designed specifically for MacBooks, compatible with 45W and 60W chargers. The manufacturer gracefully bypassed Apple’s ban by designing the battery in such a way that it becomes an intermediate link when connected to the original charger.

Just unplug the mains cable from the MagSafe charging, plug in the ChugPlug in its place, and then plug the removed cable into it and plug it into an outlet (when it needs to be charged). Apple-style design creates a sense of integrity. The accessory is compatible with 110-240 V and fully charges in 4 hours.

By giving up the stored energy, ChugPlug will extend the operating time of the 11-inch MacBook Air by 4 hours, the 13-inch MacBook Air by 3 hours, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro by 3 hours.

The easiest way is to buy it on the manufacturer’s website, however, it only ships within the United States. So if you live in another country you will have to use the services of an intermediary.

The price of this device is not small, but it fully corresponds to its capabilities. If you’re willing to spend $ 160 on a battery, this device is a great choice for you.

iPhone portable charger Lenmar Mutant (PPW20000K)

Lenmar Mutant (PPW20000K)

Lenmar universal external battery for smartphones and tablets. The stylish black plastic case has a 20800 mAh battery “under the hood” and as many as four USB ports (although only two devices can be charged at the same time).

Two USBs are designed to connect tablets and have an output current of 2.4 A; the other two give out 1 A each and are suitable for charging smartphones. The power of the “monster” is enough for two full iPad charges and up to 10 iPhone charges.

The package includes an adapter for charging the battery itself, which is supplied with adapters for UK, AU, European and US standards. User reviews on specialized forums indicate that this is a really high-quality battery that will allow you not to be tied to an outlet for several days.

iPhone portable charger battery LimeFuel Blast L240x

Capacious (24000 mAh), but at the same time compact external battery in a milky-white plastic case, with 2 USB ports and a built-in flashlight. Also included is a 30-pin cable combined with a micro-USB.

The output current of the battery is 2.4A, which will be enough to charge both smartphones and tablets. LimeFuel Blast itself charges from a regular USB in 16-24 hours, although when using a two-amp charging, the process will be faster.

Pressing the button on the side face will display the charge indicator, and double-clicking will turn on the flashlight. The battery life is about 500 charge / discharge cycles.

Unfortunately, the number of cycles for this gadget is already half that of the top 1 in our rating. Therefore, we give this battery an honorable fourth place. However, if you consider that a full charge of the battery is enough to recharge your iPhone for about 5 days, then with continuous use it will last for 2500 days in total – that is, almost 7 years of work. This is a rather serious period. So you shouldn’t give up buying this device just because it has 500 recharge cycles instead of 1000.

iPhone portable battery charger RAVPower Deluxe RP-PB13

10 best iPhone portable charger

RAVPower positions itself as a manufacturer of reliable and affordable batteries. Agree, getting as much as 14,000 mAh for $ 40 is quite profitable. In terms of more understandable numbers, this turns out to be about 7-8 full charges for ordinary smartphones (depending on the model).

But you can also charge the tablet – the battery has two USB ports, one of which is normal (with a current of 1 A), and the second is two-amp, plus the RAVPower Deluxe has a built-in LED flashlight.

In addition, for this money you get a rich set of accessories: 2 coiled cables, 4 adapters (Samsung 30-pin, mini-USB, micro-USB, “slim” connector for Nokia) and a convenient soft case for carrying all this stuff.

We gave this model 5th place because it has a really impressive value for money, performance and quality. If you want to get the most and spend the least, then buying this model will be a great solution.

TYLT Energi Battery Pack Series – the 6th place of iPhone portable charger apple

The TYLT brand has a large series of quality batteries for every need. The younger model has a capacity of 2000 mAh and can give them for at least one full charge of your smartphone. The older one has 10,000 mAh and 3 USB ports, while it can charge up to three devices at the same time (1 fully discharged and 2 others in recharge mode).

All batteries are equipped with LED indicators of charge and, depending on the price, have a different number of ports, as well as built-in Lightning connectors. The charging time of the batteries themselves is from two (for the younger model) to seven (for the older) hours. A convenient comparative table of the entire model range can be found on the official page.

Their prices range from $40 to $100.

Just Mobile Gum ++ – the 7th place of iPhone portable charger apple

Just Mobile Gum

Just Mobile accessories have won numerous international design awards, such as the Reddot design award in 2013. Their Gum ++ external battery is a very compact device with more capacity (6000 mAh) than you would expect from a battery the size of a pack of chewing gum.

The striking aluminum casing has only one USB port, but it provides 2.5A of current, so you can easily charge not only your smartphone, but also your tablet (unlike other batteries of this size).

The battery is supplied with a micro-USB cable for charging the device itself and a soft carrying case.

Perhaps this is the most worthy compact model. It will definitely allow you not to experience the inconvenience of constantly carrying it in the back pocket of your jeans. In our opinion, this is the best choice for those who prefer to carry a charger with them all the time.

The 8th place – DRACOdesign Ducati

The DRACOdesign brand is known for its quality aluminum smartphone cases. Using their engineering expertise, they partnered with Ducati to create an impact-resistant external battery.

The body is made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum and is available in two colors – red and black. The battery has two USB ports (1A and 2A), so you can quickly charge dead devices, including tablets. Comes with a soft case for carrying and storing.

The key feature of DRACOdesign Ducati is more design, but the device will definitely find its client. Actually, it is thanks to the non-trivial design that we included this model in our rating, because people do not live by mAh alone.

The 9th place Tego Power – Power Grid

Power Grid is made in the form of a LEGO brick and has a fairly compact size due to its low thickness. Above and below the body has a rubberized “bumpy” coating, in the form of connecting surfaces of LEGO. The Power Grid is equipped with a high quality 4200 mAh lithium polymer battery with auto shut-off function.

Both USB ports have an output current of 2.5A, while they can work simultaneously to charge two devices. You can count on more than 2 full charges for your iPhone. In the last, from the USB ports, a number of “pimples” built-in LEDs that show (when pressed) the level of charge.

Also included is a cable for charging the battery itself.

You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website, but delivery is carried out only within the United States, so if you live in another country you can’t do without intermediaries.

Unfortunately, the battery charge is too low in our opinion, so it is only 9th in our ranking of the best models. Nevertheless, if you believe that 4200 mAh will be enough for you to recharge your iPhone, then you can easily get this battery.

The 10th place RAVPower Luster Gold

Ultra-compact powerbanks are very popular and RAVPower has a miniature model in several colors, including gold, that perfectly matches the iPhone 5s.

The rounded anodized aluminum body measures just 2cm in diameter and just over 10cm in height – a little larger than a lipstick tube.

The device is equipped with a flashlight and LED indicator of charge, which changes color and starts blinking, depending on its level. RAVPower Luster can extend the battery life of iPhone 5 by an additional 6 hours.

This model cannot boast of excellent performance, but this is more than offset by its price. Indeed, this is the cheapest battery. Instead of one Lenmar ChugPlug, you can buy a dozen RAVPower Luster Gold. Therefore, she took a well-deserved tenth place in the ranking of the best devices for charging iPhones.

Now you know what is the best portable iPhone charger, their approximate prices and the possibilities that you will get for your money.

Not all models are available for purchase in Russia and the CIS countries, but now purchases in foreign online stores are common for many and should not cause any particular difficulties. Cards of almost all “our” banks are easily accepted for payment by all Western stores, and if they are not sent to Russia, you can use the services of numerous intermediaries who will accept your goods and send them to you. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, but you end up with a great quality item for your favorite Apple devices.

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